We get it. Therapy is a commitment of your time and money. We encourage you to think about your therapeutic experience as an investment in your personal growth and healing. Plus, there’s value in keeping up with mental health maintenance. We also understand that you have to be ready to do the work.


As always, you are in control of your process here at Dallas Healing House. You and your counselor will frequently check in on your counseling goals and frequency. We want to help you get what you want and need out of therapy. If you should ever need to pause, end, or put your therapy on hold, we encourage you to bring it up with you individual therapist.


Out of Pocket Payment 

We do not participate in any insurance panels. All our counselors are considered out of network providers, meaning if you have out of network benefits with your insurance company we are able to provide you with receipts for services. We will take care of making sure you have all the right information to send. All correspondence with insurance companies is handled by you and only you.


Benefits of Out of Pocket Payment

Being under the control of insurance companies means they decide your length of treatment and frequency of sessions. Insurance companies also require clinicians to give you a diagnosis that will go on your permanent health record.


We are also able to keep your records more secure and confidential without having to share diagnoses or records with insurance companies. We want you to be in control the information you share. To sum it up, through not participating in insurance panels, we are able to keep your therapeutic experience private AND suited to your individual needs.



Please check out each individual counselor’s bio for individual pricing.



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