Talk therapy is a staple, but Dallas Healing House offers additional specialty approaches. Our counselors are specialized in a wide variety of proven methods to ensure we meet all of our client's needs. 

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Studies repeatedly show that EMDR can accomplish counseling goals more efficiently than traditional talk therapy, condensing what may usually take years into a shorter amount of sessions. EMDR can mean feeling better, quicker and with prolonged treatment effects. Studies show 84-90 percent of survivors with single trauma incidents no longer meet criteria for PTSD after only three sessions. In as little as six sessions, PTSD symptoms decreased for 100 percent of single trauma victims and 77 percent of multiple trauma victims.

EMDR works with the brain’s informational processing system, providing an environment for clients to naturally heal the brain following a traumatic experience. EMDR can transform our wounds from the past to reintegrate these experiences into our brain’s adaptive memory network, decreasing emotional and physical distress. Along with healing from trauma, EMDR can help instill positive resources in the brain through imaginal rehearsing and creating templates for future events, perfect for helping clients reach peak performance levels. EMDR is now utilized with Olympic athletes, musicians, and in the corporate world to help clients meet their top potential. Perhaps an injury, loss, or mistake has left you in a place where you aren’t reaching your full potential. Our EMDR therapists can help.

At Dallas Healing House, we want you to feel better, faster. That’s why we provide you with counselors who are not only passionate about EMDR, but also skilled and experienced in its delivery.


Yoga is a remarkable way to decrease symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, body image issues, and many other mental health challenges. Trauma research has illustrated the neurobiological basis for integrating yoga into trauma treatment. Yoga can have significant effects on physical and mental symptoms of stress and anxiety and assists in modulating the fight-flight-freeze response. Because trauma and anxiety affect chemistry in both the brain and body, our yoga helps practitioners learn how to regulate sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, leading to a greater sense of emotional regulation.

Trauma informed yoga emphasizes interventions to promote reconnection in the mind and body, along with emotional regulation techniques. Principles of trauma informed yoga include making choices, using mindfulness, cultivating an awareness of breath, and grounding oneself in the present.

If you’re looking to improve your functioning, lessen distress, and feel better emotionally and physically, yoga at Dallas Healing House is right for you. Yoga can be a great adjunct to individual therapy, helping you to move quicker towards your desired state of holistic wellness.

Activity Therapy

Activity Therapy

Activity therapy is a counseling format we use most commonly with our teen clients! In an activity session, the therapist incorporates games, expressive arts, and other forms of activity to maintain client engagement. The therapist takes principals of play therapy, adapting them to provide a developmentally appropriate form of counseling for adolescent and teens. Therapy can be intimidating for children and teens, but with the integration of games and activities the therapist invites a casual vibe, while still addressing each individual’s needs and concerns.  

Couples Therapy

Couples and Pre-Marital Therapy

Couples therapy provides a safe and neutral environment for couples to explore challenges. We use systems-focused concepts and the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool to aid couples in strengthening their connection. Counseling for the relationship allows couples to build the essential skills to grow and maintain a healthy partnership. Couples commonly name communication, trauma, and boundaries as road blocks in mending and building healthy relationships. At Dallas Healing House, couples therapy is a valuable option to target these issues and many others.