Manage Depression With a Few Tips From the Danes

Manage Depression

Denmark time and time again ranks in the top three happiest countries. Researchers and happiness experts started studying the components of what makes Denmark so darn happy! So what are they doing right? Apparently a lot of things. Learn to manage feelings of sadness and infuse a little bit of happiness into your life by incorporating these tips from Denmark style living.

1.     Get together: Danes value time with family and friends over working long hours. Set strong work boundaries to promote your social wellness! Ask yourself what you can do this week to enhance your togetherness. Maybe it’s coffee with a friend or a group dinner at your favorite spot.

2.     Cozy up your home: Heard of the concept of “Hygee”? It translates roughly to warmth and coziness. Think candles, a warm cup of tea, comfy textiles, soft lighting. For some ideas on how to make incorporate hygee into your life, check out The Little Book of Hygee by Meik Wiking.  

3.     Support your community: Social trust is high in Denmark, but not so much in the United States. Connecting and building trust in your community can be as simple as getting to know your neighbors, or getting involved in a community project. Perhaps you join an organization to build houses for low-income families, or do your part to nurture our Dallas environment and check out For the Love of the Lake

4.     Be kind with yourself: Danes are not perfectionistic. Instead of following a rigid diet, Danish people frequently take a break and enjoy a pastry or hot chocolate. Treat yourself to a break and baked good (our personal favorite Dallas bakery is Village Bakery on lower Greenville) next time you catch yourself rushing through a fast paced day.

Learn more about what makes Denmark one of the happiest countries in this Freakonomics Podcast episode  


Authored by Anna Zapata