EMDR: Not Just For Trauma


My clients coming in for general anxiety, job stress, perfectionism, or personal growth and wellness may not immediately consider trauma processing as being a part of their treatment plan. However, I always encourage them to consider the smaller traumas that may have led them to the life stress they are experiencing in the present.

It is no question that some event or events contributed to their maladaptive beliefs “I can’t make a mistake”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m incompetent”…the list goes on and on. Needless to say, these beliefs can get in the way of our confidence and self-worth. Where were these beliefs formed?

Perhaps a parent scolding them, being embarrassed in front of the class, or getting singled out in swim practice makes up the foundation of their anxiety or perfectionism. What would happen if we could neutralize these events and allow our brain to link to more positive information rather than keep going down the same pathway to negativity and anxiety?

And that’s where EMDR comes in.

Think of EMDR as processing through the more common painful experiences in addition to trauma. People report feeling an immense amount of relief after processing through personal experiences related to negative beliefs that may be getting in the way of reaching their personal wellness goals. Commonly, clients don’t even realize what old experiences may be getting in the way. You and your EMDR therapist can dig through these events together to optimize your therapeutic process.

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Authored by Anna Zapata, LPC, RYT

Michael Primeaux