Making Mindfulness More Practical


Making Mindfulness More Practical

Sometimes being more “mindful” can feel ambiguous, even out of reach for some of us. We either aren’t sure of what it really means to be mindful or it feels like something so profound that we could never attain it without some sort of guidance. Ellen Langer, a social psychologist and mindfulness research pioneer disagrees. Here at Dallas Healing House, we know the valuable health benefits a practice like yoga can offer, but how can we be more mindful and present throughout our day when we don’t have a yoga teacher guiding us through a moving meditation?

Langer’s perspective on mindfulness does not include a formal meditation practice, yoga, or silent retreats. After many years of research, she poses that the action of noticing is enough to increase our health and happiness. In this podcast, Ellen Langer describes how our frame of mind, act of being present, and even how our vocabulary influences our experiences.

Many of our Dallas Healing House counselors are trained in mindfulness for reducing everyday stress and traumatic stress. Contact us for more information.


Authored by Anna Zapata, LPC, RYT

Michael Primeaux