5 Self Care Ideas for HSP’s during the Holiday Season

highly sensitive person

During this giving time of the year, HSP’s can struggle with giving too much of their energy to others and feel drained at the start of the new year. Take time to advocate for your mental and physical health this season by practicing self-care!

  1. Step away from toxicity. Harmony-seeking HSPs strive to maintain the peace amongst the group by attending to everyone’s else’s needs, only to feel annoyed and exhausted from playing a role. Whether you’re bound to obligatory family or work events this holiday season, or find yourself feeling drained from an ongoing toxic relationship, consider this as permission to step away and create distance - physically and emotionally.

  2. Protect your energy and maintain boundaries. The pressure is on from family members to catch them up with your recent work, romantic relationship, and school successes. Sensing the expectations and feeling pressured to explain your successes and challenges is overwhelming. Practice sharing what you’re comfortable with, and draw a boundary to protect your energy. Visit our post on building healthy boundaries.

  3. Embrace your creativity. Set an intention this holiday season to utilize your innate creativity in a holiday themed activity (or something more abstract!) If you feel comfortable, invite your family to join in on the creative outlet with you!

  4. Listen to your body. During days with planned family activities, set an intention to check in with your body throughout the day. How are you feeling and where are you feeling it? How are you reacting to the content your family is sharing? How are you experiencing the dynamic in your family system? When you notice the onset of the feeling, plan how you will intend to settle into your emotional balance. However you recharge, make time for it today.

  5. Spend time with other HSPs. During this bustling time of the year, take time with those that empathize with your highly sensitive needs. HSPs can feel misunderstood by family members that don’t understand the unique sensitivities on an empath.

This is a busy time of year that can be difficult for those with complex family systems. Take some time to emphasize your self-care and talk to a therapist at Dallas Healing House, located in uptown Dallas.

Authored by Helen Pieracacos, LPC-Intern

Michael Primeaux