Meet Rachel Tweed, LPC

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New Counselor Joining Dallas Healing House

We are excited to announce the addition of a new Licensed Professional Counselor to our DHH team! Rachel Tweed, LPC is not only a calming presence in our office, but she is a knowledgeable and practiced therapist with years of experience in working with those experiencing secondary trauma and survivors of family violence. 

Rachel specializes in counseling the following individuals: 

- Mental Health Professionals 

- Teachers and teaching assistants 

-  First Responders

-  Survivors of domestic violence and family violence 

Rachel helps other mental health professionals experiencing burnout, teachers, and first responders cope in the most effective ways to achieve balance and relieve symptoms of distress. Rachel’s clients are able to process through challenges and traumatic events leaving her office feeling heard, relieved, and ready to continue serving their community.

Read more about Rachel’s background here  and here.

Michael Primeaux